born into the world of art, I developed a passion and love for creative design and artistic expression at a very young age. My background shapes a great deal of my work, as I was born and raised in Venezuela before moving to the U.S., and that piece of my history shines through in my interpretations.

Throughout my life I have revered heroes, icons, personalities and leaders, all of whom represent something larger than themselves, and all of whom I draw my inspiration from. I believe that these figures need to be remembered and it gives me a great deal of satisfaction to tell their story through my art. Although my motivation and my work is dynamic, my persistence to challenge myself visually and to create something that represents more than the piece itself (much like the characters I portray) is constant and endless.

I would describe my work as iconic, historical, dramatic, symbolic and emotional. My style often carries a neo-pop-culture feel, that some might describe an embodiment of “street art”. In every piece I create, I often try to create an alliance between competing forces: darkness and light, good and evil, love and hate, etc. My work can be disruptive, or harmonious when appropriate, and can take shape on a variety of mediums.

Outside of my “free-form” work, my interests have a common theme in being symbolic. I find it exciting and challenging to help create a brand for a company or person. Using logos and creative design, I try to symbolize and embody the mission of that company or person. Every company is unique and every logo should be unique too. It is my ultimate goal to represent a company’s philosophy, culture and heritage in one symbol.

My career aspirations include creative design, branding and artistic representation. Although designing logos is a passion of mine, I believe that my talent can be applied beyond a single point of contact, but rather an entire process, product line, or medium. I bring an energy, open mind and creativity to everything I do. I am competitive and entirely persistent, sometimes slightly obsessive – all of which drives me and my work.